I am an engineer that love electronics hardware and embedded software in a balanced mix.

This store is the result of my late evenings creativity. The items for sale is for me, the perfect mix of hardware and software complexity that fit perfect into the few hours I have left over in the evenings.

In the shop you will find usable gadgets such as Slot-car identification programmer.

You will also find wireless sensors that are compatible with Telldus and RFXcom products.
Here are a few reasons you should look closer,
  • Awesome transmitting range
  • The temperature range is great, -55°C - 125°C
  • A entire 1-wire network can be connected to just one single multi-sensor device and and make it wireless
  • The PIR sensor is not as "noisy" as other popular PIR-sensors
  • It is flexible: You can connect a lot of different sensors to just one single device

There is a blog where I write more details about my devices and how they work. You are very welcome to visit,

If you find my products interesting, please let me know. And do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.