HC-SR501 PIR sensor

25 SEK
HC-SR501 PIR sensor
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HC-SR501 PIR sensor

25 SEK

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Noname HC-SR501 based PIR sensor. 

  • Adjustable sensitivity approx 3-7m
  • Adjustable time delay approx 0.5-300 seconds.
  • Operating voltage range: DC 4.5-20V
  • Quiescent Current: <50uA
  • Level output: High 3.3V/Low 0V
  • Detection angel: 100 degree cone.


  • Length: 24mm/0.94in
  • Width: 33mm/1.27in
  • Screw hole distance: 28mm
  • Screw hole diameter: 2mm
  • Height (with lens): 25mm/0.97in
  • Weight: 5.87g/0.2oz
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