SSD Slot car programmer

239 SEK
SSD Slot car programmer
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SSD Slot car programmer

239 SEK
This is a gadget that assigns a car ID to your digital Scalextric slot car system.

It is compatible with the latest revision of the C8515 DPR-chip!

There is one button that is used to select and trigger the programming of the car ID.
The SSD car programmer can also be connected to a serial interface (8N1, 19200).
Connected to the race management system, Easy Slot Race Management (ESRM, it is very easy to program the car ID from within the software.
A USB-to-serial adapter cable is available HERE.
It comes delivered with all components soldered. Just add a power supply (8-16V DC).

Power supply requirements: 8-16 VDC, 2.1 mm DC connector, Center positive.
PCB Size: 50mm x 34mm
Holes: 4x  3mm (Diameter) See images for hole location
HW Version: 1.4.1
Weight: 15g

Tip: 4x M3x13mm machine screws can be used as standoffs. The screws need to be minimum 13mm in length due to the height of the DC-jack.

The manual is available HERE.

It can also be purchased with 4x M3 screws and 4x M3x13mm nylon standoffs included.