SSD Slot car programmer

349 SEK299 SEK
SSD Slot car programmer
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SSD Slot car programmer

349 SEK299 SEK
This is a gadget that assigns a car ID to your digital Scalextric slot car.

NOTE. Currently not working with the latest revision of the C8515 chip from Scalextric.

It has one button that you use to select the car's ID.
The SSD car programmer can also be connected to a serial interface (8N1, 19200). It is supported by the Race management system, Easy Slot Race Management (ESRM), The programming can then be controlled from the ESRM system.
A USB-to-serial adapter cable is available HERE.
It comes delivered with all components soldered. Just add a power supply.

Power supply requirements: 8-16 VDC, 2.1 mm DC connector, Center positive.
PCB Size: 50mm x 34mm
Holes: 4x  3mm (Diameter) See images for hole location
HW Version: 1.4.1
Weight: 15g

Tip: 4x M3x13mm machine screws can be used as standoffs.

The manual is available HERE.

It can also be purchased with 4x M3 screws and 4x M3x13mm nylon standoffs.