Wireless Multi Sensor Mk3

249 SEK
Wireless Multi Sensor Mk3
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Wireless Multi Sensor Mk3

249 SEK
Wireless Multi Sensor Mk3 (WMS Mk3)
  • Very low power consumption (6.5uA between transmissions with 1 DS18B20 sensor connected)
  • Very long range
  • Micro USB power feed
  • Screw terminals for a soldering free installation
  • Tailored to fit perfectly in plastic box (not included)
  • Improved RF Transmitter with great transmitting range
  • Professionally assembled
  • Makes 1-wire network wireless
  • CO2 sensor support (choose variant below)
  • Very compact design (29x25mm)
The WMS Mk3 is compatible with Tellstick DUO and Tellstick NET from Telldus and Rfxtrx433 from RFXcom.
The following sensors/devices are supported,
  • DS18B20
  • DS18S20
  • DS1820
  • DS18B22
  • DS2450
  • MAX31850K
  • DHT22 combined temperature and humidity sensor (a.k.a. RHT03 and AM2302).
  • Event type sensor that have 0-5V TTL logic out. As an example a PIR-sensor (HC-SR501) can be used to detect motion. Other examples can be a doorbell switch, mouse trap, door switch, you name it.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor S8 from SenseAir and MH-Z19 (eBay)(aliexpress) More info here.
A more extensive list of supported devices can be found here.
For every sensor of any type of the above, there will be a Temperature-Humidity sensor visible on the Tellstick DUO/NET or RFXtrx433 side.
As an example. Lets say that you have 1 WMS Mk3 to which you have connected a 1-wire network with 5 DS18X20 temperature sensors, and 1  DHT22 sensor, and 1  PIR-sensor (HC-SR501). Then this will be seen on the receiving side as 7 separate sensors in total where the 7th sensor will show upp only if a movement has been detected (signal transition from 0V -> 5V).

You will get:
1 pcs Wireless Multi sensor Mk3 fully assembled with the latest firmware

I recommend the box from Hammond 1551. The box comes in black or white, with or without flanges. Note that the CO2 sensor S8 will not fit inside the box.
Download the WMS Mk3 Manual here.
Download Fusion 360 model here.
Do not forget to add the sensors you'd like to make wireless,